ScanDir 1.3

ScanDir scans the disk or a directory and prints the list of files

Origionally, ScanDir was developed to print a directory listing containing all picture files on a CD. And that is about all that ScanDir version 0.1 could do. Print a directorylist of Image files. Before printing the directorylist, ScanDir builds up an internal list of all items (filenames) that match certain selection criteria. With the next versions, new and more advanced selections were possible (e.g. the use of Masks and/or multiple Strings and/or selections based upon file size and/or file date). Operations on the internal list of selected items were added. With ScanDir you can Delete, Copy, Move, Rename, Join, Split and change the Attibutes of selected files. The selected items list can be printed, saved as an ASCII text file or as a .CSV file (which can be imported by a spreadsheet program.

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